Literacy improvement with Bedrock – 11/2021

With the pandemic having had a demonstrable impact on students across the country, and particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, Bedrock is helping our students as part of our Excellence Vocabulary Development Initiative.

As always, our implementation of Bedrock proves to be a fantastic one! The average percentage increase of our student’s Tier 2 vocabulary was at a rate of 43%, which is a substantial increase alhamdulillah. Our Year 7’s demonstrated the most aptitude, with an average percentage increase of 76% – expanding their Tier 2 arsenal at a transitory period in their education.

In terms of the kinds of words consolidated, students secured the likes of duration, conspicuous and proficient.

JazakAllah khair to our students who are working hard to improve their vocabulary and their parents/carers for their continued support and encouragement.