Home Learning

At Excellent Girls Academy, we believe that homework and independent learning should be used effectively to reinforce and extend what is learnt in school.

Homework and independent learning, which may take many forms, including continuing with class work, projects or essays, will therefore be set on a regular basis across all year groups – and must be done carefully and thoroughly and handed in on time.

The recording of homework and independent learning completed by students is monitored regularly by teachers and the SMT and through the student planner, which parents/carers should also check and sign on a weekly basis.

We recognise that pupils who have spent a busy structured day at school need time to relax and unwind at the end of the afternoon and we are also mindful of the need to encourage children to pursue out of-school enrichment activities. However, homework and independent learning tasks should still be undertaken to the best of their ability so that students will feel a sense of personal satisfaction in a task completed well and that their efforts will be recognised and praised both at home and at school.

Homework and independent learning provides an opportunity for students to develop the independency which they will need to continue lifelong learning, and this should increasingly become its main purpose. It is important that children should gradually get into the habit of regularly devoting periods of time, which may not be long, to study on their own.

It is our intention that through homework and independent learning, we can develop an effective partnership between the school and parents/carers in pursuing the aims of the school and the development of their child.

Any concerns or queries related to homework may be forwarded to the Headteacher at head@excellencegirlsacademy.co.uk.

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