Excellence Vocabulary Development Initiative

We recently launched our Excellence Vocabulary Development Initiative in response to discovering that Stoke-on-Trent is one of the most language deprived areas in the country.

In order to take on this challenge and help our students to develop a wider and richer vocabulary, we have invested in an innovative literacy improvement tool called Bedrock Learning.

Bedrock Learning is an online platform which students can to log on to, both at school and at home, and carry out individualised vocabulary learning. An extensive vocabulary is crucial in the development of wider academic skills and so is extremely important in helping students gain higher GCSE exam results insha’Allah.

We are encouraging students to do at least one lesson of Bedrock Vocabulary as independent learning each evening. We will be monitoring students’ progress closely throughout to ensure they are getting the most benefit from this initiative. Parents/carers will be given unique access to track and monitor their child’s progress through the Bedrock curriculum.

For more information about Bedrock, visit their website: Digital Literacy Curriculum | Bedrock Learning.

All images in this post are sourced from bedrocklearning.org and associated social media.