Ofsted – Excellence Girls Academy is rated ‘Good’ in all areas

Alhamdulillah we are delighted to share the news that Excellence Girls Academy has been rated ‘Good’ in all areas, following our first Ofsted inspection at the end of last term, mashaAllah.

The inspection, which took place over three days, found the quality of education to be ‘Good’, describing the school as ‘a calm and orderly place to learn’ and highlighting that ‘pupils are taught well and enjoy success in a range of subjects’.

The behaviour and attitudes of pupils, and their personal development, was also praised by the inspector who wrote that pupils ‘want to do well and work hard’ and that members of the school council ‘presented their views confidently’. 

Leadership and management was also recognised as ‘Good’, with leaders being commended for having ‘ambitions for pupils to grow into responsible people who have the confidence and education to make the most of life and their opportunities’. 

Areas highlighted for improvement include targeting student lateness, to highlight the importance of punctuality in affecting long term success. We therefore ask for your cooperation in helping us eliminate lateness in our school. We must also broaden our range of reading materials in the school library, which we have already taken steps towards Alhamdulillah. 

The full Ofsted report can be read here and will be published on the Ofsted website later this month. 

JazakAllah khair to everyone who has enabled us to achieve this result; from our girls – both past and present – who we are so incredibly proud of, to our teams of dedicated, hardworking staff, who continue to work tirelessly to give our girls the very best mashaAllah; and to our governors, parents, volunteers and friends of the school who give up their time in order to support our endeavours. 

With Allah’s permission and everybody’s dua’as, we pray that Excellence Girls Academy will continue to go from strength-to-strength and become a beacon of Education, light and hope within the community.