Animal Aid

Animal Aid is a non-profit organisation working towards ending animal cruelty by peaceful means. Their ultimate vision is of a world that is free from animal abuse and exploitation where animals would no longer be harmed and exploited for human gain.

We had a representative from Animal Aid visit our school on the 1st of February to give a seminar about their vision and aims for the future wellbeing of animals around the world. It was an insightful talk that gave the students the ability to understand the affects over consumption of food can have on the treatment of animals and the environment. Which directly corresponds to our beliefs as Muslims to treat animals with compassion and to not abuse them as they deserve the same respect for being the creations of Allah.

We hope that this visit from Animal Aid was able to open a new door for consideration from our students and staff in regards to the blessings we have been given by Allah, and to always treat not only humans but animals with respect and kindness.