Year 7 Parents Day

On Monday 6th of November we hosted our first Year 7 Parents Day for our new students. Alhamdulillah it was a great opportunity to meet the Parents and discuss the progression of their child. We are very pleased to see the high level of enthusiasm that the parents have shown towards their child’s education and progression for the future.

Within the 1-1 meetings teachers were able to review the students current ability and what they can achieve in the future. Teachers were able to pin point specific areas of improvement for each student and discuss learning methods with parents so that they can help improve their child’s learning at home. We discussed the students upcoming progression in the next few years and what the students aim to achieve for their GCSE grades. Our teachers are open to listening to any issues and problems that parents may have and helping relieve any stresses for them.

We look forward to seeing our Year 7 students progress throughout this year and years to come. Jazakallah Khair to the parents for taking the time to come in and speak to our teachers! We look forward to seeing you all again!