Outstanding GCSE results

Congratulations to our Year 11 students for achieving outstanding GCSE results mashaAllah!

Alhamdulilah, despite the challenging circumstances, our girls managed to attain excellent grades, which are testament to the dedication, resilience and perseverance of our students and teachers.

GCSE Outcomes 2021:

  • Progress 8: 2.89
  • Attainment 8: 6.85
  • EBACC average point score: 8.5
  • Pupils who achieved a standard pass (9-4) in English and Maths: 100%
  • Pupils who achieved a strong pass (9-5) in English and Maths: 88%
  • Grades achieved at a standard pass (9-4) across all subjects: 100%
  • Grades achieved at a strong pass (9-5) across all subjects: 97%

The majority of our students will be continuing their studies at St Joseph’s College.

Our girls have not only achieved great academic success during their time at Excellence Girls Academy but have also grown to be confident, responsible and inspiring young leaders.

We are extremely proud of them and wish them all the best for their future, where they may continue to be role models and ambassadors of both education and faith, inspiring others through their character and contributions to society insha’Allah.