COVID-19: Online Safety Warning

We are aware that lots of people are offering their services on social media to give online tuition to other people’s children. We would like to remind parents and carers to not engage with someone they do not know and that they should at the very least:

  • Listen in where possible
  • Ensure any sessions should be in family areas not bedrooms
  • Ensure children are told that tutors should not arrange new sessions or online chats directly with them

Remember, abusers can be of any age, gender, ethnic background or class. You must not allow your personal values, attitudes or preconceptions to prevent you from responding appropriately.

We would also like to remind parents, carers and pupils about checking every link and not believing or clicking things that are too good to be true (or secret new information, cures or payouts!).

The new WhatsApp Coronavirus ‘bot’ from the government sounds like it could be a scam, but you can search for it on and find it on an official government page.

More information about staying safe online can be found on our online safety page and on our COVID-19 school updates page.