Success of our Annual Community Conference 2020

Our very first Annual Community Conference took place at the end of last term, held with the aim of bringing the community of our girls and their families and friends together, allowing the girls the opportunity to showcase their talents, whilst providing spiritual and beneficial Islamic reminders to all.

Alhamdulillah, feedback from everyone involved has been overwhelmingly positive, making the event a great success and a credit to the organisers and the girls’ excellent performances, mashaAllah.

The event featured beautiful recitations of the Noble Qur’an by our students, Maryam and Atika.

Powerful speeches and poems were read by our students Ayra, Aqsa, Hafsa, Rumaysaa, Khatera, Eman, Aisha, Kaynat, Halimah, Hafsa, Safa, Haifa, Ruqaiyah, Saarah and Khadijah.

There were also amazing performances of nasheeds by Atika, Maryam, Hafsa, Khansaa, Eman, Haya, Kaynat, Safa, Haifa, Ruqaiyah, Saarah, Nusaiba and Aminah.

Aapa Makhmal also joined the stage to perform a touching nasheed about mothers and one of our guests, Alishba, gave us a beautiful performance of a nasheed about devotion to the Prophet SAW.

Our guest speaker, Aapa Saiqa, gave a valuable reminder from Surat Al-Kahf about the importance and the etiquettes of seeking knowledge.

Finally, we also had a wonderful selection of delicious homemade dishes, generously donated by parents and other members of the community, with all proceeds going towards school resources.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that came and enjoyed the event, and a big thank you to those who provided food and those who volunteered, giving up their valuable time to show their support.

A special thank you also goes to all our girls who worked tirelessly in practising and perfecting their performances and of course, to Aapa Faaiqa and Aapa Naghma, who put together and organised the event, as well as all the other staff who helped the event run smoothly.

JazakAllah khair to all those involved and may Allah make this the first of many more community events to come!