Literacy improvement with Bedrock – 04/2022

Continuing our Bedrock success from last month, alhamdulillah 65% of our students scored 80 or more points in this month!

KS3 B were our top performing class and scored 4128 points! The average points per student in this class was 318, with 213 being the average points scored per student for the whole school.

And a special well done goes to Iman from KS3 B who alone scored 1012 points mashaAllah – the most in the school!

In terms of progress, students overall made a 27% improvement this month and KS3/4 made the most progress this month, with 165% improvement!

Congratulations to Aleena from KS3 B who made the most progress at 988% mashaAllah!

This month, students have been learning the following words:

cyclical structure plot
denotation exposition
consonance connotation
climax taboo language
denouement bias

JazakAllah khair once again to our students who are working hard to improve their vocabulary and their parents/carers for their continued encouragement and support for our Excellence Vocabulary Development Initiative.